How I lost 91 pounds and successfully kept them off 

Losing weight can be achieved  without exercise and without being hungry: you can do it too 

Excuses No More

You can lose weight - but it's up to you to take the simple daily actions that will make losing weight a habit. Most people will just keep thinking about making changes. Thinking about change and talking about change doesn't make a difference. You need to get to the execution phrase. Action is what produces change. Procrastination only leads to more excuses.

When should you start?

Right Now! No more excuses! Don't wait for the "right time". Do it now. Take advantage of the motivation you're feeling now.

Stop waiting for the right time to start losing weight; it never comes. There is no reason you can't begin your weight loss journey right here, right now.

Start now - this very moment

Start making these changes now. Start using this big idea and you will see results. Start now and I will show you how to achieve weight loss without exercise, calorie counting and most importantly, without being hungry.

The time to lose weight is now, and everything you need is right in your hands. I offer a number of specific, practical recommendations that you can begin using today.

Strike while the iron it hot! Take that enthusiasm you have for losing weight and use it to your advantage.

Start losing weight now - this very moment. There is never a “best moment” to start losing weight. The best time is NOW. If you take the first step tonight, you will have done the hardest thing that you will need to do - overcome inertia.

Starting where you are

Check your cabinets and refrigerator to see if you have healthy food right now. If you don't have much at home, make a trip to the store now. Buy apples, 99% fat free turkey breast, 100% whole-grain bread, romaine lettuce and tomatoes. More information of what I eat is at Eat Like Me page 

The first week will be the hardest. Be tough, and override your old habit. Keep implementing the new eating plan, and before you know it, something wonderful will have happened. Your stomach will shrink and the urge for more food will calm down.

As soon as you make changes, your body starts seeing effects. That is, once our body senses it is losing that fat, then important health-related numbers  (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar) start travelling in the healthy direction within days, before you even notice any kind of physical sign of weight loss.

Celebrate these improvements, because the better your numbers are, the longer you'll live. Your body will also start to burn fat more and more efficiently.

As your body gets more nutrients, it gets healthier and strays away from the need to be fat. You will notice that you will gradually become less hungry, you will have more energy and you will be more interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

Take action

Now let's get started.

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Start Now

It is my mission and my hope to give everyone the tools to lose weight without being hungry.

I created this simple website to give you a spark of hope and help you start losing weight now.

It offers a jump start for losing excess weight and lasting personal transformation, but you must start today - not waiting for another birthday or New Year's resolution.

If you take the first step tonight, you will have done the hardest thing that you will need to do - overcome inertia.

Weight loss, better health, what are you waiting for?

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