How I lost 91 pounds and successfully kept them off 

Losing weight can be achieved  without exercise and without being hungry: you can do it too 

What worked for me -  my healthy eating plan

I learned that I can feel satisfied, and never go hungry if I provide my body with the essential nutrients it needs. My healthy eating plan gives my body the nutrients is needs every day and helps me lose weight. I eat foods that contain protein, whole grains, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. I simply eat unlimited amount of fresh non-starchy vegetables, unlimited amount of fresh low-sugar fruits, and some lean turkey breast, skinless chicken breast and fish. I also take Omega 3 supplement and to make sure I am not creating any deficiency, I take a daily multivitamin.

This is my average day. I generally eat the same things from day to day five days a week. You can customize this eating plan to your own lifestyle and eating patterns, but don’t sacrifice the basic principle and don't overthink it. If you make this way of eating part of your life, you will keep losing weight fast. In addition to contributing to weight loss, the foods I eat provide me with excellent health related benefits.

Eat Like Me


Blueberries, blackberries, or apple.

1 slice of dry, 100% whole-grain toasted bread with 1 slice of 99% fat free turkey breast.

1 fresh tomato

Hot tea (no milk, no sugar)

1 capsule of Omega 3


Grilled skinless chicken breast, lots of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and green or red paper. All vegetables fresh and uncooked. Once a week just chicken and lots of spinach.

Hot tea (no milk, no sugar)

Twice a week I have fish instead of grilled chicken breast.


Grilled skinless chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomatoes. All vegetables fresh and uncooked.

Hot tea (no milk, no sugar)


Fresh apples (uncut)

This is the plan I live with every day because it works. Sticking to the plan verbatim will help you lose weight quickly and you will have the incentive to keep going. Moving forward you will be responsible for choosing what works for you.

Pictures of my meals below. That's my routine.

This is my breakfast, plus unsweetened hot tea.

Lunch. Veggie fries (asparagus and carrots) in the upper part of the photo, plus raw vegetables with grilled chicken. 

Dinner. I buy ready to eat salads and eat them at dinner time.


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Eat your vegetables

Vegetables are essential to a healthy diet.

Eating lots of vegetables every day will help you lose weight quicker.

They are low in calories, high in fiber, contain no fat, and are great foods for weight loss.

You have to eat vegetables if you want to lose weight.

Add lean proteins

eat like me

Lean protein provides you with a sense of satiety (fullness) and can help prevent overeating.

Eating whole grains gives us a sense of fullness and has other health benefits.

It’s a choice, a lifestyle choice of incorporating these new habits and patterns, so that you lose weight as part of the journey towards being healthier.

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