How I lost 91 pounds and successfully kept them off 

Losing weight can be achieved  without exercise and without being hungry: you can do it too 

The Rapid Weight Loss Eating Plan - the best way to proceed

The method that I am about to share with you has helped me lose weight fast. This method grew out of my experience, my struggle with my weight and my frustration with the previous lack of success. It is based on two simple, powerful concepts - losing weight can be done without feeling hungry, and weight loss can be achieved without exercise.

Once I saw the results I wanted to keep going

It is approach that is about results, not hope, and by following it you will lose weight. This method I used delivered real results. It gave my body the perfect jump-start, the kind of quick drop in weight that gave me a powerful mental boost. In my opinion, what worked for me so well, is the most effective and safest nutrition and lifestyle approach to losing substantial weight. It provided rapid weight loss at the start, so I had the incentive to keep going.  

When I saw the numbers on the scale going down every single day, I got excited and wanted to stick with my method. Fast results kept me motivated. The more weight I lost, the more I realized how doable and relatively easy it was, and the more I wanted to share it with others.

If you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight

I follow the basic formula for weigh loss - I consume fewer calories than I burn - and it really works. The solution is to eat food that has a lower calorie density and a high volume of nutrition. I based my food intake around vegetables, fruits, skinless grilled chicken breast, fish and whole-grain breads. I eat plenty of low-calorie fresh vegetables (except corn and potatoes) and fresh low-sugar fruits to help me feel full. My method actually allows unlimited consumption of fresh non-starchy vegetables and fresh low-sugar fruits. They will fill me up without giving me a lot of calories. The key is to eat foods that will fill you up without eating a large amount of calories.

I start my day off with a good breakfast. Breakfast helped me to prevent hunger later on. This jump-starts my metabolism and sets my body in the optimal fat-burning state. The protein consumption, when eaten as part of the daily first meal reduced my appetite throughout the day. It was very important for me to stick with protein breakfast option. It was initially a little challenging because proteins are usually not a part of typical "breakfast foods".

I quickly discovered the benefits of eating fiber and proteins. They made me feel satisfied for a longer amount of time without having to eat more. So I made sure to combine high-fiber foods with lean protein at every meal. The combination of the fiber and the protein helped to keep me feeling full longer. Getting enough fiber was also instrumental to controlling my hunger.

One of the strongest forces that could come against my efforts to lose weight was my appetite or the feeling of hunger. I controlled my appetite by eating lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits combined with small amounts of lean proteins and learned how to eat for fullness.  Feeling full longer happens when I eat proteins, high-fiber veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Vegetables and fruits provided me with enough fiber, which in combination with proteins practically assured that I did not feel any hunger.

I changed my meal patterns, which helped me maximize my calorie burning and keep my appetite in check. I also established other healthy practices. I started drinking more water and totally eliminated alcohol.

Once I started eating in this way I was able to control physical hunger. The fact that I eliminated hunger between meals was one of the two crucial elements of my method.

My method requires a steady day-by-day effort related to food choices.

Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 are healthy fats are necessary for fat burning and I included them in my method. I took one capsule of Omega-3 at breakfast.

 Drinking water

The best beverage for weight loss is water. Drinking water is very important element of my method. Adequate water intake is essential for weight loss because water helps metabolism. I drink water all day long.

 Drinking tea

Tea is very beneficial for losing weight. Tea can give you a real boost. Some teas actually reduce sugar and fat absorption while speeding up the digestive process.

No alcohol

I eliminated alcoholic beverages because alcohol provides unnecessary calories and even one drink could slow my weight loss. Typically the more alcohol you drink the more difficult it is for you to lose weight.

No soda

Sodas contain sugar that can work against weight loss and sabotage any diet plan.

Changing the way you eat

My method will work for someone who want to lose 10 pounds and for someone who needs to lose 50 or more pounds. A number of behavioral and eating strategies that have worked for me may also work for you. It's OK to introduce the changes gradually, a little at a time, only when you are ready. However, I went for immediate change and it worked for me best. I chose this strategy because I wanted to start losing weight immediately.  

You can lose weight and keep it off for good

You will be amazed how easily and effortlessly you will lose weight when you adopt a diet that consists primarily of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

If you give my method your complete commitment, there is no question in my mind that it will work for you. But you've got to stop eating unhealthy food and you've got to eat vegetables, fruit and lean meat. You are going to be pleasantly surprised how many of these foods you like.

Managing food has been relatively simple since I learned a new way of thinking about my body and the foods that nourish it.

Following the advice offered on this website you will achieve remarkable results, regardless of your experience elsewhere. You won't have to exercise as part of the diet, and best of all, you won't feel hungry. What you will experience is a sustainable, sometimes rapid weight loss.

The calories we eat can either be converted to physical energy or stored within our body, but they can't magically disappear. All unused calories in our body become fat, regardless of where they come from. Unless we use these stored calories by reducing calories intake so that our body must draw on reserves for energy. 

It requires a steady day-by-day effort related to food choices. It is a method that involves selecting healthy, high nutrient foods. It is a method that took hunger and cravings out of the weight loss equation.

My initial eating plan was strict. I eliminated foods that contain empty calories and replaced them with nutritious alternatives.

Eating full portions of the right food is your key to success and what makes my approach workable for the rest of your life.

One of the secrets to keeping my ability to sense fullness is to eat bulky foods, especially those with some protein and fiber.

The longer a food needs to be chewed, the shorter it usually takes for it to contribute to my sense of fullness.      

Applying principles is not hard

My message is for anyone who has decided that today is the day he can take charge of his life. On this website I will suggest ways to modify your eating habits so you can lose weight without forcing yourself to eat less.

I stopped drinking sodas, and stopped eating cookies, candies, cakes, bacon, french-fries, hot dogs, Big Macs, and KFC.

Lose weight without feeling hungry

It was about feeling satisfied with fewer calories without counting a single calorie.

By adding high-fiber vegetables to a meal you can reduce your calories but not how full you feel. Eat them as often as you like. They will make you full on less due to their fiber and water content.

By weighting myself every day I kept the focus on how quickly I was losing weight.

Once I got familiar with the basics, I was able to make good decisions throughout my day.

Weight lost that works

If you want to lose weight, you have to stay away from junk food. You know what junk food is. I don't have to explain it to you.

Vegetables are the natural go-to foods for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight. Some vegetables have more to offer than other.

Never go more than 4 hours without eating. My approach is not going to work for you if you're hungry or tired all the time. That's why you want eat every 4 hours. If you wait too long you can become hungry. It is better to break up your food into four or five small meals than one or two big ones.

I made changes in what and how I eat. I learned not to let myself get hungry, because when you get too hungry, you tend to want to eat more.

If you make this way of eating part of your life, you will keep that weight off forever.

It took 3-4 days for my body to adopt to my plan. Until I reached the better fat-burning state, I felt a little tired and slightly irritated. I also experienced  small headaches and lightheadedness. After four days  my body adjusted  and these symptoms disappeared. I noticed that I gradually became less hungry and I had more energy.

The first 3-4 days of my weight loss routine were the most difficult. After my body started to burn fat more and more effectively I experienced an accelerating increase of motivation and success.



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What I eat

Here is my meal plan that led me to 91 pounds weight loss.

I combine lean protein with complex carbs from fresh low-sugar fruits, fresh non-starchy vegetables and whole grains.

My goal was not only to lose weight. I also needed to change my unhealthy relationship with food.

I eat fresh non-starchy vegetables, fresh low-sugar fruits, lean protein, whole grain bread, and healthy fats (I take Omega 3 supplement daily).

These foods work together to improve my metabolism.

I do not eat

Processed foods are nearly impossible to eat in moderation. The way I eliminated processed foods from my daily intake was by simply not purchasing them.

Certain fruits like pineapple, watermelon and bananas are high in sugar , and they don't promote weight loss.

Starchy vegetables - potatoes and corn.

Expert's view on my method

See the advice I received from a certified fitness instructor. Mrs. Ross is an expert at evaluating and assessing nutrition and exercise routines and making the necessary changes in order to maximize efficiency and expedite weight loss. She wrote about my method in her Q and A with a Fitness Coach column.

My method

You don't have to endure hunger to lose weight.

My intention is to help you lose weight with no complicated formulas, portion control, calorie counting and most importantly without feeling hungry.

My approach does not require any deprivation. It is hard not to eat when you get hungry. My method is not going to work for you if you're hungry or tired all the time.

It is hard to force yourself to eat less. But it's possible to choose what you eat. So for me losing weight was not about restricting my portions or starving myself.

I wasn't eating less. I ate a high volume of food, but consumed a low number of calories. I felt somewhat full from vegetables and proteins.

To follow my method it is not necessary to count calories.

Works for me

For two years I have been using this method and I lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, and blood pressure.

My blood pressure was lowered so much that I was able to discontinue blood pressure medication entirely.

I have new level of energy

I have lost weight almost effortlessly, and most importantly, have kept it off.

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