How I lost 91 pounds and successfully kept them off 

Losing weight can be achieved  without exercise and without being hungry: you can do it too 

Want to lose weight without feeling hungry? Than, this is the method for you, and you can do it without paying for any services or buying any products.   

If you have struggled with weight issues or you have grown frustrated with your inability to control weight gain – you came to the right place. I was like you and therefore I want to show you how weight loss does not have to involve the suffering, but instead is a matter of eating the right food and avoiding the wrong foods.

I don’t sell or promote any products or services on this site. I am sharing what worked for me. It is my humble attempt to try to help people for whom losing weight seems to be an impossible task. What worked for me does not cost anything. 

My intention is to share with you that it is absolutely doable to lose weight without exercising, portion control, calorie counting and without feeling hungry. While weight loss can be challenging, it is achievable and many people are successful. I lost 91 pounds this way, and you can do it, too. I truly believe you can do this. If I could do it, anyone can. Once you start eating like me, you will experience dramatic and exciting results.

Hunger is the biggest pothole on the road of successful weight loss

Some people believe they have to starve themselves to lose weight. Not true! I am telling you that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you don't have to starve yourself.

You don't need to torture yourself with skimpy portions. Reducing your portions to the point that you feel hungry at the end of a meal will not work. It is hard to force yourself to eat less. But it's possible to choose what you eat.

Hunger is the most significant problem with weight loss and a diet that results in hunger will never be successful. It is hard not to eat when you get hungry. It goes against human nature. When you get hungry, you tend to want to eat more. The feeling of an empty stomach is very difficult, if not impossible, to tolerate and at some point you give in. My method is not going to work for you if you are hungry or tired all the time.

Losing weight can be done without feeling hungry. Eating large amount of the right food is my key to success.

I consume a low number of calories but get all the fullness and satisfaction. Most people are satisfied by the amount (i.e. volume) of food they eat rather than the calories in said food.

I will also add that you won't need to exercise for hours every day, either. Yes, weight loss can be achieved without exercise, calorie counting, and most important, without feeling hungry. I repeat, you don't have to endure hunger to lose weight. There is a better way and a solution is within reach.

I am like you

I am someone just like you. I am no different than you when it comes to losing weight. I don’t have more willpower than you do. I don’t lose weight more easily than you do.

My story is important for everybody who wants to lose weight, because I was you, and I figured out how to lose weight without exercise, calorie counting and most importantly without being hungry. I have done it and am continuing to do it today. The more weight I lost, the more I realized how doable and relatively easy it was, and the more I wanted to share it with others.

The purpose of this website is to help others who are dealing with the same issues as me by showing what worked for me. Since I lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, I believe I am in the position to be able to offer hope to others. It is my mission and my hope to give everyone the tools to lose weight without being hungry.

No single approach, formula, or plan for weight loss can work perfectly for every person. However you may want to look at what worked for me and then adopt it to your unique circumstances, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

I am not telling you to brag, I'm telling you this to get you to change the way you think about weight loss. My goal is to help you see the food as a means of achieving weight-loss success.

If you can change what you eat and how you eat it you will be able to lose weight. Initially changing your eating habits may cause some level of stress. But it can be done. If you want to start I will show you that there are ways to make it easier

Making it happen for you

The time to lose weight is now, and everything you need is right in your hands. I offer a number of specific, practical recommendations that you can begin using today. Read on and learn how to put my approach to work for you or jump right into my eating program so you can begin losing weight without being hungry. You must know that there is no much variety or choice but the results will be remarkable for you.

Do not procrastinate. Take advantage of the motivation you're feeling now and start now. Choose to begin living a healthier life starting today.

Works for me

For two years I have been using this method and I lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, and blood pressure. My blood pressure was lowered so much that I was able to discontinue blood pressure medication entirely. I have new level of energy. I have lost weight almost effortlessly, and most importantly, have kept it off.

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261 pounds

May 2010 - 261 pounds

weight loss 261 pounds

Summer 2010

weight loss 195 pounds

August 2011 - I was 194 lbs.

Today - 170 lbs.


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